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See Ramen. Eat Ramen. Repeat.

Y'all asked for here it is!
Eddie K and I were recently gifted with one free week of Blue Apron meals. After sharing these photos on social media, I had a lot of people ask for the recipe. So....enjoy Coconut & Lemongrass Wonton Noodles. 

The recipe is pretty easy to follow but the ingredient list makes this dinner a bit of a challenge. Some of the recipes I feel 110% comfortable recreating and purchasing the ingredients on my own. This one...not so much. I appreciated that all of these ingredients from Blue Apron were provided in the perfectly portioned sizes. It truly helped me not be overwhelmed with this ramen dinner!

Be prepared for a long ingredient-prep process. About 20 minutes of cleaning, cutting, and blending the ingredients before any cooking is even tackled. Overall, you will need to set aside a little over an hour (start to finish) to perfect this dish.

The coconut/lemony flavor was extremely unique and catered specifically to the Thai-style dish. The coconut milk creates a nice milky base for the noodles and stir-fried mushrooms, peppers, ginger, and garlic. Top with crispy noodles, mint, and un-salted peanuts. Serve hot!

For a complete look at the recipe GO HERE!

Oh, and before you ask, yes these bowls are Rae Dunn and were found at our local Marshalls. Aren't they just the cutest! (To see more of my Rae Dunn collection, see my recent blog post HERE)