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Happy Halloween! (almost)

So what if it's only September, I'm ready for Halloween! This week I dove into the spooky decor box and decorated our Beechnut Bungalow like it was my J-O-B. 

I partially blame my Tennessee raising for the premature decorating. I can't help it, i'm trained to jump into fall decor and cozy scarves and sweaters by mid September. Texas, well it has other ideas in mind. I've said it a million times, but it's still hot as heck here! SO ANNOYING!

So while I might not be able to wear cozy clothes and boots just yet, I can transform our home into the perfect little fall/Halloween getaway. 

While decorating, I used my DIY skills and made this little "TRICK OR TREAT" banner for the coffee bar. The font is spooky enough for Halloween but also simple enough for that overall farmhouse feel. You can download the "TRICK OR TREAT" PDF HERE. 

I cut out around the letters in no set way. Just lots of rounded edges to keep the whole thing unique. I layered torn pages from an old book behind it, and then clipped them on top of my lace tassel SEEN HERE. 

Fall List Sign || Pottery: Rae Dunn || Small Pumpkins || Tassel PDF