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A Quick Trip Guide: Chicago, Illinois

Well, we did it and it was amazing. While this was not Eddie K.'s first time to the Windy City, it was mine. And I'll be honest, it was everything I needed it to be. The weather was wonderful, the food was delicious, and the company was unbeatable. It was a whirlwind but one of the best whirlwinds I've ever been in.

We packed two days and one night of Chicago into the most jammed-pack, but equally as relaxing, adventure. I won't bore you with all the details and fast-paced lifestyle but I will give you the quick run down and fill this blog posts with TONS of beautiful photos. 

Day 1:
First stop? FOOD. I randomly found Bongo Room on Instagram about a year ago and sent Eddie K there while he was traveling through the city for work. He loved it so much he insisted we go back! I must say, probably the best meal we had in the city and the coffee? PERFECT for the chilly morning!

After breakfast, we made our way to the hotel to check-in and drop bags off. After a quick bathroom break and stop in the lobby, we started off to the Sky Deck. This was the NUMBER ONE thing I wanted to do on this trip. Cool? YES. Time consuming? YES. Expensive? YES. Worth it? MAYBE. 

I loved the experience but the price of tickets ($50 per person) and the never-ending lines almost made this more of a pain than anything else. Regardless, I still recommend doing it ONCE. 

Then we became tourists and just walked around near our hotel until time to check-in. Cue the endless array of city photos below. 

We checked into our hotel and freshened up before meeting a friend for beers (and that single Jameson shot...looking at you Eddie K.) at Miller's Pub. It's super cute, cozy, and the perfect low-key place to grab some drinks before dinner. 

.....and this is where the pictures from day one end. Blame the beers, wine at dinner (don't even remember the name of the restaurant), and "show drinks." Went to bed around 3am and woke up around 8 and kicked off DAY TWO!

We started at a little dive restaurant for breakfast and then spent the entire afternoon walking around Lake Michigan and Navy Pier. We stumbled upon TRUMP Towers, a boat race, and lots of beautiful views from a ferris wheel ride. 

Of course we also took a field trip to The Bean because isn't that what you're supposed to do in Chicago?


Now to the part everyone wants to hear about....the pizza. The hype is real y'all but I just say, it was better than I ever even expected. We stopped at Pizano's near our hotel after a full morning of exploring and enjoyed some deep dish pizza and fried raviolis. 

(my face when pizza is involved)

And well, that's all she wrote. Short and sweet trip with the love of my life. We explored new places, took risks at the Sky Deck, enjoyed lots of delicious food, spent time with friends, and had the time of our lives at at Joe's Bar. 

I can't wait until next time, Chicago. 

Still have questions about my trip or looking for more places to go? Email me!