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Happy Anniversary, Austin!

That's right, Austin, Texas and I celebrated our two year anni last week (and I forgot to blog about it until right now. *eyeroll*) Seems like just yesterday I was packing up two duffle bags full of clothes and shoes, buying a last minute and WAY OVER PRICED one-way plane ticket, quoting my job, and leaving Tennessee for Texas. As someone who has anxiety I'm still mind-blown I went through with this, but I did and I have ZERO REGRETS to this day.
Austin, you are home and "i love you so much...."

Here's what's been happening the past two years for those who are trying to keep track plus those back home who are just nosey. No shame...I see you. 

Loretta Lynn
Our baby girl has grown up right before our eyes! The last year, alone, I feel like she's changed tremendously. She truly has become her own little duman (dog-human). She's wayyyy more active outside, loves chasing lizards, birds, squirrels, etc, listens when she is called (90% true), and we have even learned to trust her without a leash outside our house. Seriously y'all, she's a totally different, way more chill, sweet and smart little girl. #DOGMOM

Whiskey Boat Goods
Our little company has grown so much since September 2016. We've expanded a TON and have found ourselves reaching customers in 23 of the 50 states, and our goods have made their way into 10 boutiques and shops. We are continuing to grow our brand and business daily by selling from our online store as well as doing pop-up shops around the Austin area. 

Beechnut Bungalow
HOME SWEET HOME! In May 2017 we moved into our cute little humble abode and we've never been happier. We are still slowly but surely making it feel like home, but I'm very proud of how far the house has come in the few short months we've been here. 
Sidenote: Loretta loves her new-found freedom she's gained from having a back yard! Hey, I like it too. No more having to go down three flights of apartment stairs at 6am for potty breaks! YAY, GO US!

This lil ole blog is continuing to grow and I couldn't be more excited or proud. It's been hard starting a blog from the ground up again, but I'm WAY more invested this time around and truly care about the content I'm posting. Don't get me wrong, I loved growing The Tennessee Life and working with artists on the rise but truthfully I'm glad that part of my life is over. Plus, I get to be a tiny piece behind the scenes and watch artists grow through Eddie K. And I must say, it's been a pleasure and way more fun watching on this level. 
Hopefully D+G continues to grow and impress people along the way. 

I've officially been out of the country, all over Texas, and even to Chicago this past year. Traveling has always been something I've enjoyed but traveling with Eddie K (and sometimes even Loretta) has made me realize its the company along the journey that's most important. I say it all the time, but with these two by my side, I'd go anywhere and be happy. 
Cheers to more travels this year!

Favorite Moments This Past Year:
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