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Coffee...Chameleon Style

Wanna hear a joke? DECAF

Mom joke. Sorry not sorry. But for real, I LOL hard when people say "decaf." Um no. Give me all the caffeine pleaseeeeee. 

I started working with Chameleon a few weeks back and have been reaping the benefits ever since. I'm a coffee freak....obsessed....over-user of caffeine SO, this partnership was right up my ally. While I've tried all the flavors of the Chameleon cold-brew coffees, the Texas Pecan Coffee is hands down my favorite and my current go-to. Maybe it's because I'm a Texas girl now or maybe it's because of the delicious blend of nutty notes with extra strong coffee concentrate? Who knows, regardless, it deserves all the awards because it's simply devine. 

How do I drink my coffee? With a splash of milk and a few pinches of sugar. Because the large Chameleon jars are concentrated, I am able to dilute with milk and get about 7-8 servings per bottle. Now THAT'S a good deal!


To purchase this coffee, click here or visit your local grocery stores today.