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The Living Room Angles You Don't See....

You've seen pictures of our living room and every cozy corner it has to offer over the last few months. TODAY, I show you the angles of our home you maybe haven't caught a glimpse of just yet.

So let me paint a picture of our home as soon as you walk through the front door....
First thing you see? Our living room/kitchen. That's right, we have a semi-open floor plan and it's truly such a blessing and was one of my favorite parts about this home when we saw it for the first time with our realtors. What can I say, I like being able to cook dinner while still looking/talking to my smoking hot boyfriend while he's answering emails on the couch in the living room. Am I crazy or does that just sound like heaven? Heaven? I thought so. 

Bet ya didn't know our ceilings were this high! Seriously, changing light bulbs/air filters/batteries in the smoke detectors is a bit of a task. They are equally as big of a blessing though. It opens the space up on a whole different level which makes the space look even bigger than it already seems, given the open floor plan. (PS...they are also EXTREMELY uneven and all sorts of strange angles throughout the entire house. Super random and super weird.)
Something else you don't see often is a shot of our coffee table. Usually it's covered in magazines, laptops, and our feet (no really, it's our foot rest....). But, here it is in it's typical Tuesday morning fashion. Not horrible but not entirely tidy. 

Lastly, is our view of the living room from the kitchen. This is something I don't usually photograph given the glare from the windows but today, you get these in all their glared and mediocre glory.


Do you have areas in your house that you don't photograph? Maybe your pantry because it looks like a tornado went through it? Shoe closet with stuff falling out all over the floor? Bedroom with a bed that never gets made? Come on, we all have those areas. 

Take a step back and look at those places today. Turns out I like our uneven high ceilings and messy coffee table after all. 


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