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The Truth Behind The Photos

Recently, in the blogging world, there's been a lot of drama. Unless you are a blogger yourself, you probably weren't aware. 

Basically it started with some fool on instagram claiming that everything bloggers/influencers post on social media is just one big fabricated lie. Well truth be told, he's wrong. As a blogger/influencer for 8+ years I'll stand up and tell you the truth....what I personally post on my blog and/or social media is REAL. Our home is really our home, our dog is really our dog, and our life is really the same life you see on my instagram. We travel, we cook, we play with our dog, we DIY and decorate our home, we get stuff in the mail to test out, and we also sometimes get paid (if we are lucky) to share our opinions with the world. 

So while I can't stand up for everyone, I can speak out about my personal experience in this blogging world. What you see on the internet and social media about my life, is, in fact, real life.

There have however been a few people who are taking this to a while new level of bizarre. Claiming that everything is "false" or "fake" because we edit our pictures or throw some props on our dining room table or move the same vase of fresh flowers from room to room just for photos. Well, this IS TRUE. We do this. As bloggers and social media influencers, we kinda have to. But you know what, that's OKAY! If you can filter your selfies, I can adjust the light shining on my couch. Come on, what's fair for one should be fair for the other. 

BUT, because this is such a big deal, I figured I'd continue my recent streak of showing you the "things you don't normally see" and show you a few behind the scenes shots on some of my most popular posts PLUS a new shoot featuring Shari's Berries, just in time for Valentine's Day!

Here's a shoot I did with Austin Cocktails (seen HERE).
Here's a couple behind the scenes shots.....

And the finished product....I bet you didn't know I shot this campaign on a my front porch but guess what, I did! In the photos you definently can't tell I'm using a rustic(aka dumpster find) table, and the side of our house as backgrounds. It's all about mixing it up and finding the photo you have in your mind for different shoots. Doesn't make it "fake" just using what you have around you!

Here's another example of a campaign I shot for Chameleon cold brew. A tripod can certainly be your best friend when blogging. Sorry if you thought my super hot boyfriend was taking the was just me getting the final shot, seen below. 

And now on to a campaign I shot today and haven't even posted about yet. Yep, a sneak peek! Say hello to a behind the scenes look at how I got the perfect shot for Shari's Berries


So, as you can see, it's not always EXACTLY how it seems BUT it is always real life on D+G.
PS...stay tuned this week to see a few more shots (and my first stop motion video) for Shari's Berries!