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Inside Our Refrigerator

I'm back and continuing on the path of showing you places and things you haven't seen before in our home. I recently posted a photo of the inside of our refrigerator and got a handful of questions about the organization. So, I'm bringing it over to D+G today to tell you how we keep our refrigerator full of food and organized (most of the time).

It's not an easy task but it is something that I try to stay on top of. Does that mean our refrigerator always looks like this? No way! Sometimes it's empty, bare, and a complete shamble BUT 80% of the time, it looks a lot like this. 

I must say though, without these clear storage bins, it would be a lot more difficult. Everything just kind of has it's place. I've linked a set of organizers at the end of this post from Amazon. It's a great starter kit for someone who wants to get their foods organized but has no idea where/how to begin. 

We purchased our containers from both Amazon and Container Store. It is, however, something that has become more popular so you can even find some odds-and-ins at your local TJ Maxx or Home Goods. It's a good idea to start small and grow your storage collection as you see fit. I HIGHLY suggest getting the egg containers FIRST. It really does clear up a lot of space and you can stack two dozen on top of each other without fear of cracking!

I also really love the slim pull-out containers. We have two and I use them for more fragile vegetables that I don't want to get smashed, herbs, and thawed meat I'm going to use the following day. These would also be great for meal prep, kids lunches, or snacks/fruit cups/etc. 

The bottom drawers are designated for large produce, bulk produce, and fruits in bigger quantities. I simply remove them from the plastic produce bags, wash them, and place them in the drawers. This ensures they are ready to go when I need them. 

As for the shelving in the door, those are separated by what they are and then color coded. For instance, top row is condiments, second row is for sweets (syrup/jelly/jams/etc.), next row is for things in jars (pickles/olives) and the bottom shelf is for large items in bulk (mayo/chicken stock/etc.). Everything has it's place which is perfect. PLUS, it truly does just make everything easier!

What's your favorite way to organize your fridge? Have no idea how to get started but like the way ours looks? Click the shopping links below to purchase!