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Spruced Up Wine Bar

It's no secret that I get bored with decor. I am ALWAYS switching stuff up, moving stuff around, and transforming pieces we already have into something completely different and new.

....usually that includes some matte white paint! You've seen my DIY Farmhouse Table (HERE) and my DIY Coffee Bar (HERE) so now it's time to show you the latest victim....our wine bar. 

This was one of the few pieces Eddie K had when I moved to Austin. It was a lot less stocked, but it was there none the less. The piece is one that Crate and Barrel still sells and I've linked it HERE for you to view. As you can see, the "Sawyer Mocha Leaning Wine Bar" is a little more than 6 feet tall and a dark mahogany wood. While cute and modern, the color was beginning to be a bit too dark for my liking so.....I painted it white! No shame!

The new white color really takes this piece from STATEMENT. It now flows so much better in the living room and stands out immensely from the also dark hardwood flooring.  As you can see below, the original color blended right in with the wood and quite frankly darkened up the whole corner of the house. 

I used a basic white matte paint I purchased from Home Depot. I'll say this, when using white paint, it's TOTALLY OKAY to buy the cheapest they have to offer. Maybe you'll have to add a few coats, but in my opinion, it's worth saving $10. 

It took 3 coats of paint on this piece (again, possibly avoid this by purchasing a paint/primer combo for more $$$) and roughly 5 hours to complete start-to-finish. My number one recommendation for painting this piece (and any piece honestly) is REMOVE ALL THE HARDWARE. It's the only way to do it. Seriously, makes life way easier. No paint, no trimming, no messes on the hinges/knobs/etc. 

There you have it, a quick and simple way to drastically change a piece of furniture. It brightened up the whole space an literally looks like a completely different piece of furniture.

PS....don't feel like ruining an expensive piece from a higher end furniture store? Check your local Goodwills and start there! I do it from time to time and always love the outcome. It's inexpensive and a fun way to make your space ever-changing.