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Google Panel: All About our Smart Home Technology

First of all, what an honor. We were truly humbled when this offer was presented to us and accepted knowing just how lucky we were to be chosen.

The panel was sponsored by both Google Fiber and Nest and was held at the downtown Google location. The panel consisted of other local business men and women who were able to bring their own knowledge to the discussion. Enjoy some photos from the big day below. 

In addition to some photos, keep scrolling to read some of our answers to the days big questions!
This was our first opportunity to join together and sit it on a panel. HOWEVER, it's true what they say about long as you are passionate about the topic, you will not fail. We were able to speak to what we knew as a DIY couple on a budget!

Are there limitations with bringing smart technology into your homes?
YES. There are plenty of limitations. Before adding smart technology to your home, you should first find out if your internet is strong enough to power them correctly! If your bandwidth isn't up to par, you can't expect your smart technology to run correctly. 

What's the one thing about technology you currently struggle with the most? 
While minor, we struggle with hiding cords. It's an obsession and we just can't take seeing them dangle around or clutter up behind the entertainment center. Worst of all? Those pesky cords that hand down from the TV. UGH! Hate those. We built a faux mantle and used some new technology from Harmony to fix this issue. Read more about that HERE.

Favorite piece of smart technology in our home?
We have a few. We've listed a little bit about each of our faves below. If you have any additional questions or concerns about these please don't hesitate to reach out!

August Door Lock: Think about getting home from the grocery store with 4 bags in your hands and not having to scramble for keys to unlock your door. That's what this device brings to life!

Arlo Smart Cameras: Great quality video and you can get up to 5 cameras without having to pay a service charge to save videos! The app is easy to use and again, the quality is incredible. It's great to have for security but we would be lying if we said we didn't spy on our pup with these guys too! Ha!

Phillips Hue lights: If theres one thing you should start out with, it's these guys. You can access all your lights with their easy to work app, and even schedule your lights to come on/go off at certain times! PLUS, EXTREMELY INEXPENSIVE!

We would like to thank Google, Google Fiber Austin, and Nest for having us out for this panel. It was an incredible experience and we will never be anything short of honored.