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Life Update: New Job, Growing Business, What's Next

The truth is, I never wanted to be a teacher. That was a dream my parents and grandparents had for me. I realized it before I even started. I told everyone it wasn't what I wanted to do BUT, I was years into a degree and there was no turning back in my world. I did what was expected just like I was told. It took me 4 years of college (constantly telling everyone I hated my major), 1 full year of student teaching (where I saw the cattiness of teachers and really hated the job I chose), and 2 years of teaching to finally walk away from the world my family had forced upon me. 

Then one day, I was done. I quit my job, moved to Texas, and knew I would never teach another day.

Once in Texas, I started to grow my blog and brand and it became enough to support me (also shoutout to Eddie K for paying the bills cause ya girl wasn't making that much yet.) I started getting instagram campaigns and brands reaching out for collaborations. This started to become something I truly loved doing. I enjoyed building brands and working on social media and creating marketing designs. For the first time in my entire life I started to wake up and enjoy what I was working on.

In the meantime, I found a little part-time job at a local Austin boutique. It was more about having the social aspect of being around people when Eddie traveled for weeks at a time. I would be lying if I said it was something I really wanted to do. Did I like it? Yes. Did I love it? No. I learned a lot about customer service, management, and how to run a business/how not to run a business.

I'll say this, it started out fun but ended up being something I dreaded to do everyday. I cut back to 20 hours a week and it allowed me enough space that I didn't hate working there plus also gave me some free time to work on our own business, which is continuing to grow daily.

Fast forward to now. Sunday I accepted my dream job. It was a blessing in disguise and there's no one to thank but God. It came when I wasn't looking and it's exactly what I've always wanted to do. It's a little brand development mixed with a little social media strategizing PLUS I also get to organize peoples calendars and that just makes me happy.

Don't worry, I'm still dedicated to Whiskey Boat Goods and having our little business grow into my full-time job is STILL the end goal. The best part? My bosses know that are even willing to help us grow along the way.

So on to big and better. Can't wait to see where this leads me!