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Simple Summer Tablescape

If you haven't gotten mother nature's hint by all the sun/hot weather, SUMMER IS HERE. And maybe not where y'all live, but in Texas, it's way hotter than the word hot. Someone needs to create a word for hot thats more like unbearable + miserably + deliriously + horribly hot so I can use that instead. 

Anyway, with the weather being hot (or insert that other word I want created here) it's forced me to start some spring summer cleaning! The refrigerator has been  organized, the pantry has been cleaned out, the floors mopped, and the table has been decorated. That's right, it's time to show you our summer tablescape. 

This year we went for something a lot more simple featuring light green shades, white, and a touch of red. Stacked in a metal tray from Home Goods, layered with fabric scrapes,....

I could keep talking or I could just show you....okay, I'll just show ya!

As you can see, it's much more simple than I normally create for summertime. Maybe my style has changed or maybe I'm just REALLY PROUD of our tomatoes? Both I suppose! I truly wanted the tomatoes to be a huge part of our tablescape. Because we are constantly eating them/bringing more in, they stay fresh and vibrant which really adds that pop of color I wanted!

PLUS, for you gardeners, it allows you to have somewhere to store these babies (near a window!) to finish ripening up!

Next up, those perfectly green Pellegrino sparkling water bottles. Nothing screams summer to me quite like a refreshing drink! I purchased these for a photoshoot for my part-time job at The Vintage Round Top but after we ended up not needing them, I brought them home and threw them on the table! Win/win!

Size pictured are the mini-bottles. The come in packs of 6 and can be found at your local grocery store or gas stations!

Last but not least, I added a set of Rae Dunn Planters to the tray. This added height (when stacked on top of one another), texture, and the bright white that was needed to tie everything together. Not going to lie to you, the reason there is dirt in them is because I killed the plants. 
No shame! Happens to best of us!

There ya have it! Our simple summer tablescape! How are y'all decorating this season??