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I Donated My Closet Full of Clothes, NOW WHAT??

My original "I Donated 75% of My Closet" post received WAY MORE attention than ever expected. I have been filtering emails, texts, comments, etc for the past few days and figured it was best to compile all the questions y'all have and put them in one big "follow-up" blog post....a PART TWO if you will. Let's dive right in.....

photo by Stacy Allen

#1. So, what are you wearing?
(this was EASILY the most asked question I got across all platforms)
I don't wanna say it but it needs to be said, I am wearing all the same stuff I was BEFORE my last job. I pretty much wear the same two pairs of jeans or jean shorts with some sort of neutral top. It makes it much easier having all neutrals because I am able to mix-and-match with ease and again, never have to spend 30 minutes deciding what to wear. 

#2. What does your remaining collection of clothing consist of?
Here's a complete run down of what I have in my closet:
(note all the shoes....those I have a harder time letting go of.)

- Denim Jeans x2
- Black Denim Jeans
- Denim Shorts x2
- Denim Distressed Skirt
- Denim "dressy" Skirt
- White "dressy" Pants

- Solid Colored Tees (dark grey, white x4, light grey,
- Solid Colored Tanks x (black, blush, white x2, yellow)
- Cardigan x1 (cream)
- Vintage/Concert Tees x8 (I wear these A LOT both dressy and casual)
- Sweater x2 (white, grey)
- Flannel x2

- Cocktail dress (black)
- Casual dress (white linen)

- Birkenstocks x2 (brown, olive)
- Flats x1 (metallic grey)
- Sneakers x3 (dressy pair, pair for walking, converse)
- Sandals x2 (Chacos, casual tan sandals)
- Heels x2 (dressy black stilettos, casual tan lace-up)
- Boots x2 (black Hunter rain boots, black lace up boots)
- Booties x2 (both shades of grey)

- Casual x2 (black insulated puffy jacket, grey army jacket)
- Dressy x2 (white lace, army green)

- Scarves: 1
- Bandanas: 2

Mixed with a few pairs of yoga pants, running shorts, baseball caps, and t-shirts that I both sleep/lounge/work around the house in. 

#3. Did you keep stuff for all seasons?
- I did! The one thing about Texas is that it doesn't get TOO COLD. That means dressing in layers is a-okay here! I have a few jackets and a few sweaters as well as jeans and yoga pants to wear for winter!

#4. Are you going to throw out clothing when you bring more in?
- I kind of touched on this in the original blog post; I know I will buy new stuff and that's OKAY. The goal was never to be a minimalist, it was to feel better wearing what I wanted and having limited options because I have no one to impress but myself (and Eddie duh). I do know I'll pick up a couple of neutral sweaters and a new pair of jeans for the colder months.

#5. Any advice for someone wanting to scale down?
- Just try it! Get rid of things you haven't worn in the last year. Then get rid of stuff you haven't worn in 6 months. Them get rid of things you haven't worn in 30 days etc. If you are unsure, turn your hangers around backwards! Say what?? Yep, turn them around backwards and as you wear them flip the hangers back the correct way. Then at the end of each season, donate the stuff that hasn't been worn! It's a great way to start without purging things you might end up needing/wanting. 

photo by Hannah Haston