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Atlas46 Gear: ADAMS System Review

You've heard me talk about Atlas46 many times before on social media and also here on the blog. They are an awesome brand that focuses on quality products to use in the shop. They are Made in USA and their packaging is so on point!

Quick Notes About Atlas 46:
- 46 day warranty. 
- Super quick shipping/return time

On The Belt:

- Grab + Go Pouch
- Strong magnets for screws/nuts/bolts/etc
- Special pocket for speed square so it lays flat for easy access
- Perfect for woodworkers
- Quick and easy setup
- Multiple pencil pockets
- Deep pockets

2. ADAMS Scott Pouch (click to shop)
- Zipper top pouch. Perfect for loose items. You can bend over and not worry about things falling out.
- Tons of pockets
- A place for your measuring tape, pens, screwdrivers, etc
- Large pocket with velcro flap (I put my stud-finder in here.)

See my Atlas46 Items in Use:

Full Video Review on Youtube: