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What I Wore To Our Courthouse Wedding

Since sharing the photos from our intimate wedding, I've received lots of comments, messages, and DMs about my outfit. Lots of people have LOTS OF QUESTIONS and some people simply just want to know where they can buy the items themselves. goes nothing! I've compiled all your questions into one short little blog post. Links to buy each item are at the end of the post so if that's what you are here for, you can keep on scrollin!

Questions From Y'all:
1. "Why no traditional wedding gown?"
- To keep it just wasn't me. I never saw myself as a bride so the fact that I was getting to marry my best friend was already more than I ever imagined. I know there are girls out there that spend every second of their life obsessing and fantasizing about their dream weddings but that just wasn't me. 

2. "How did you decide on what you wore?"
- I wanted something classic and timeless but also modern, trendy, and unique. I feel like I got that with what I wore. The color palette was taupe/blush. The skirt was a creamy blush color which was classic and simple but the pom-poms were unique and trendy. The turtleneck sweater was a timeless choice for its wintery silhouette but mixing the pattern with the skirt really gave it a funky look. I went with neutral accessories by adding a navy tassel earring and only one gold bracelet. My shoes were a fun piece that I added last minute!

3. "Was there an overall look you had in mind or did you just "wing it"?"
- It was what I envisioned for sure. I bought the skirt first and found everything else to go with it. The shoes were a super last minute change up. I decided about two days before the wedding to wear the flats versus a new pair of nude heels I bought specifically for the wedding. 

4. "I'm getting married in June and want to buy something that I will wear again so I don't waste money on a dress that sits in my closet for 100 years collecting dust. Do you recommend going this route?"
- I do but again, personal preference. If you think a wedding dress isn't for you, then don't wear one. I think I'll for sure wear everything again at some point. I've already worn the sweater again and the shoes are a closet staple. To answer your question...just do what you feel is best for you. If you wanna splurge on a dreamy gown to feel extra special on your big day, DO IT.

5. "Did you match the courthouse on purpose?"
- Not necessarily but also yes? Ha! I definitely picked the courthouse that I did because I thought it was beautiful and historic and the perfect backdrop to shoot our wedding photos in front of. So in a way, yes. The vibe was exactly what I imagined the whole day to be like and because of that, it all matched and went together perfectly!

6. "How long did it take you to find your outfit?"
- I bought the skirt in like September or October once we picked the date. It took a few months to find the perfect sweater to match since the blush shade was so unique. I ended up finding the Kate Spade sweater about 2 months before we got married. I purchased a pair of shoes around the same time but ended up nixing them last minute for the ballet flats.

Additional Questions I'll Go Ahead And Answer So You Don't Have To Ask In The Future:

1. Cost of The Total Look: 
Less than $500 total. 

2. What was new, what was old?
- NEW: sweater + skirt + earrings
- OLD: shoes + bracelet

3. Nail color? 
- Not certain of the name but it was navy colored gel from my favorite local nail salon. It was so dark it was almost black. I wanted something dark to contrast with all the blush and decided the navy would be complimentary to Eddie's outfit. Originally I wanted a super dark green but unfortunately they didn't have anything I liked.

Links To Buy:


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