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A Guide To Caye Caulker: Caveman Snorkeling Tours

Just like the last time we were in Caye Caulker, we opted to snorkel with Caveman Snorkeling Tours again. It was such an amazing experience last time that making any sort of change in who we snorkeled with felt wrong. 

Last time we booked in advance but this time we decided to make the short 3 minute walk down the beach and sign up in person. Again, we went with the "FULL DAY TOUR" which lasts about 5 hours, includes a local lunch on the boat, and beverages. They also cover your "park fee" to get into the Hol Chan Marine Reserve. 

You visit the following locations: 
  1. Hol Chan Marine Reserve (12 miles away)
- This is by far my favorite stop. It was a 45-50 minute swim and to be honest, it wasn't an easy one. The day we snorkeled, the current was SUPER STRONG. By this stop, I had asked for a life vest to take with me while I swam just to make it out alive....kidding and being dramatic kind of but also being 100% serious here. This location was where we saw the most wildlife. 

  2. Shark Ray Alley |close to San Pedro Island
- I love the idea of doing something a little crazy and scary so swimming with the sharks was extremely intriguing and exciting to me....again. I was equally as nervous this time around as the last time even though I knew exactly what to expect. Hearing "look over at all the sharks" and seeing 10+ right beside the boat but stilling wanting to jump in is something that's hard to explain but also the coolest feeling in the world. 

HEADS UP: Caveman Tours DO feed the sharks. Some of the other tours on the island won't depending on individuals beliefs. If you'd prefer the sharks not be fed, make sure it's something you bring up at the beginning of your day. 

  3. * Coral Gardens (north end)
This is the "prettiest" area you'll swim in. I say that because it's the most colorful part of the tour. TONS of different formations, small "aquarium" fish, and random coral. It was bright and pretty and we saw tons of ocean colors. 

  4. Chatos Area (wildlife congregate at this area)
2. This was Eddie's favorite stop. He described it as "a fairly easy snorkel with plenty of wildlife." At this location you will see more conch shells than you could ever imagine in one place and an occasional string ray or as our guide called it..."The Steve Irwin". Too soon?

  5. A small ship wreck (sunken barge)
We started the tour at this stop and whew, IT WAS ROUGH. The current was SO BAD. Like 10/10 on the bad scale. About 5 minutes into the swim, everyone was struggling to stay above water and started to TRY to swim back to the boat for relief. Once everyone made it back on the boat, we started telling the tour guides how bad it was and they truly didn't realize the pull was that bad. 

LUCKILY the rest of the stops were a lot better! However, we did go from a boat full of 14 people down to 12 REAL QUICK. Someone got SUPER sea sick and one guy realized that not knowing how to swim probably wasn't a good thing being in the rough waters. EEK!

Overall, this was another successful and amazing trip with Caveman Snorkeling Tours! Make sure you watch the video below for a full recap of our fun in the sun!

Video Content Created + Edited By: Eddie Kloesel