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Spring Nails Trends

I'm not a beauty blogger and I don't try to be! BUT....I am a lover of cute nails and frequent my favorite local spot Pure Nails to have my girl April hook me up with some of the cutest nail art around. While I love "branching out," I don't stray far from my neutral lifestyle and try to stick with something small, timeless, simple, but fun. Below I've shared some of my favorite spring nail trends in my fave "minimalistic" category. 

1. NEW NEUTRAL: Think outside the white, cream, tan box and go for light peach tones, darker camel, or a mauve/grey look! 

2. PASTEL POP: Those fun bright colors are apart of the Spring trend FOR SURE. These are the colors that make you think of sun dresses and beach trips. It’s time to break out those colors that are bright and fun!

Personal Fave: A nice pop of blue! Nothing screams Spring like a clear sunny sky so why not have your nails the same color?

3. MINIMALISTIC DESIGN: Minimalism is the new trend in every day life, so apply it to your spring 2019 nail trend. Add simple dots to a naked nail and you have a style that is simple and elegant. 

4. NUDE...with a pop: Applying the same minimalist ideals and add an accent to your nude colored nails. It doesn’t have to be a separate color, but put a spring themed pattern on for this spring 2019 nail trend.

Tip: Jazz up your simple design by making it opp with one of those bright pastel colors we talked about above. Below is my favorite spring mani so far featuring a bright (BUT TINY) highlighter yellow design!

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