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Our Proposal Story + DIY Engagement Ring Box

April 12th is a special day in our's the day we decided to spend forever together (officially). It's our first "proposal anniversary" and we are feeling all the feels and decided to share a little glimpse at this day last year. We are sharing never before seen photos and a video of Eddie K making the ring box he used to hold my engagement ring. 

So come on....relive this day with us! 

How It All Came Together
Eddie and I had been talking about family photos with Loretta for a few weeks prior and I finally decided to reach out to my friend Hannah, the most amazing photographer, whom I met at my past job. She was free on the 12th of April to shoot "family photos" at our church so that's what we decided to book. Little did I know, Eddie would message her shortly after and tell her his real plan. So yes, in a weird way, I planned my own proposal! Ha! 

The Ring/Ring Box
At this point Eddie had already contacted Ali at Everett to design my engagement ring. Shoutout to my friend Kristina for helping point him in the right direction but major credit to my hubby and Ali for creating the ring of my DREAMSSSSS. Seriously, I still die over it.

Eddie told me later that he knew before he even got the ring that he wanted to create a little ring box for the proposal....and he did. And it was so thoughtful and sweet and kind and romantic and just all the things. He also thought far enough ahead and surprised me with the video below that he recorded during the process. WHAT A KEEPER. WOW. 

The Family Photo Shoot
Such a blur, but what a magical few hours it was. Eddie had met up with Hannah earlier in the day (without me knowing) and she arrived at the church early to hide the ring and get everything ready. We started out taking photos in the wildflowers around the chapel with Loretta and then transitioned into he and I under the peak of the church. That's when he got down on one knee, said the sweetest words you've ever heard, and waited for me to say 'yes'. I said "wait right now?" at least three times and then screamed yes. I proceeded to cry and blah blah blah. 

We then transitioned into an "engagement shoot" which Eddie arranged following the proposal. Fellas, take note. This is what you should do!

Some Never Before Seen Pics From The Day