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Christmas on Beechnut 2019

I know, I know. It's barely past Halloween and Thanksgiving is a few weeks away but yet I find myself already decorating for Christmas! Honestly, I just can't help it! I love the coziness of the lights and the greenery and the layers of blankets and pillows. If I could decorate 365 days of the year....I would. 

*NOTE: don't fret! All links will be shared at the end of the post!*

When it comes to Christmas decor, I like to keep it classic, simple, and (here's the word again), cozy! This means lots of layers, textures, warm lighting, and semi-monochromatic touches. This year we dressed up our flocked tree (LINKED HERE) with lots of natural elements in a white/brown/gold color palette. It's simple but layered with texture making it the perfect focal point this holiday season. 

Here's a little closer look at the tree and all the little items tucked and twisted into the flocked layers. Again, nothing crazy! Just a lot of little touches that all make up the tree of our dreams this holiday season. 

Layer 1: LIGHTS
I LOVE the lights we have on the tree this year! Past years we've used smaller, bright white, bulbs. This year, we went with a bolder + warmer look. We purchased the lights last year AFTER Christmas for next to nothing and truthfully, I forgot about them until a few days ago when I pulled the boxes of decor from the closet. It was a nice little surprise and turned out to be the perfect base layer. 

This pack from Amazon is EXTREMELY similar, have great reviews, and are half the retail cost.

Layer 2: BURLAP
This one doesn't need a ton of explanation. This was a random piece of crafting burlap we had around the house that was about 2' in length. I simple twisted it up and wrapped it around the tree a total of three times. 

TIP: Twisting the burlap adds depth and texture which helps fill up all those small bare spaces. 

Originally I didn't plan to add these branches to the tree, but after a trip to Hobby Lobby and no luck finding any pompous grass, I made the switch. Luckily the 50% off Christmas decor sale was still happening (is it ever full price???) and I scooped up two bunches of the "ice" covered branches for less than $10. I brought the two bundles home and used wire cutters to separate each twig out of the bundle. I then just started placing the branches in random places around the tree making sure to leave space for additional ornaments. 

These were also a Hobby Lobby find that was 50% off. They are a creamy white color and have a tiny little bit of sparkle to them. I purchased four total and the total cost was less than $8. These I simply stuck in the tree around where the branches were. If i'm being honest, I could have used a few more, but I made it work....just don't look for any on the backside of the tree. Ha!

We typically don't add a ton of ornaments to the tree and this year was no different. We have a little family tradition to get three new ornaments (one for each of us) every Christmas season. So, we only have a small collection of ornaments for the tree but that makes each one even more special. We also added in a few gold silk stars to create more depth and fill the final spaces on the tree. 

....and here's a few more shots below.

Additional Tips for Decorating: 
1. Use small string lights to make any space "festive."
These little string lights were a Target find for less than $10. They are battery operated and can be turned off/on/or set to a timer. 

2. Flocked items don't even need to be decorated to be pretty. 
I'll never go back from flocked trees and garlands. They are simple but pretty even without lights or ornaments. Add then anywhere for a wintery pop. 

3. Use smart plugs!
- We recommend plugging in your tree to a WEMO smart plug. This allows you to control turning them on or off from your phone or using Amazon Alexa, etc. 

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