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The Best Charcuterie Board On A Budget

If you've been following for awhile, you know that at Whiskey Boat Goods, we make cutting boards to sell on our website. It's a fairly new item we've started making but it's started to be something that everyone is liking. We recently took the time to style one of our handmade cutting + serving boards for a dinner time charcuterie board and loved how it turned out so we are sharing all the tips and tricks to recreate the look on your own. 

 You can shop for stuff for your charcuterie board anywhere but for this one, we shopped at our local H.E.B. plus grabbed some fresh herbs from our garden to finish the look. 

Here's What You Need:
- Bagels (we used plain but we also suggest mixing and matching different flavors)
- Multiple Types of Cheeses (we used a smoked gouda, a cumin asiago, and a rosemary white cheddar)
- Cream Cheese (we are using a chive flavored cream cheese but anything will work!)
- Jelly or Jam (we are shown using an apricot spread. Just add anything sweet.)
- Fresh Herbs (rosemary and basil are shown. Parsley is a good one too!)
- Petite Tomatoes (place in a bowl with oregano, salt, pepper, and fresh garlic)

Now For Arranging:
There's no real step-by-step process here, just a couple of tips and tricks. My advice is to just keep moving things around until you get a varied look while still making sure everything is easily accessible. 

Tip: Place fresh herbs at the end to fill in the blank spaces left!
Tip: Always add items that are served in bowls. This creates height plus also keeps things contained!
Tip: Slice the bagels into bite size pieces for easy grabbing. You can toast them for an added crunch. 

Tip: The more spices & flavors, THE BETTER! Add in lots of seasonings to your tomato blend for an added punch. 
Tip: Use bagels instead of crackers. Use veggies instead of fruits. Make it your own!
Tip: Splurge on nice spreading knives for a fun pop of color or design.