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Eddie K's Beechnut House Office

We have a new space in our home and Y'ALL....IT'S OUR NEW FAVE!

If you follow either Eddie or myself on social media, you know what room we are talking about. Our old guest room turned into full-time office for Eddie K. It was a quick turnaround and we had a lot to do in a short amount of time, but we did it and it turned out so so good!

We are taking the time to answer all the questions you've asked on social media over the course of the past few days and showing you the full room reveal!

Question: Why are you changing this room up in the first place?
Answer: This was by-far the most popular question so here's a quick answer for y'all! Eddie has transitioned from working at an office building to working from home FULL-TIME. He hasn't been at the actual office building since the second week of March due to COVID and has been using our garage as his workspace ever since. So, this was necessary in my eyes so he had a more enjoyable area to work in. PLUS, he loves his monitor and desk setup and he deserves to have a space to put them. 

Question: Why not just move the desk in the room as is?
Answer: Two answers here: 1) the full-sized stationary bed frame wouldn't allow enough room in the space for the desk. 2) because I've been wanting to redo this room for over a year now and this was the perfect opportunity. The desk is actually REALLY large plus because of the monitor arms, it has to stick away from the wall quite a bit. This allowed for little room leftover if we'd left the stationary bed in there. 

Question: What items did you buy? What items did you have?
Answer: Basically we had everything but the sofa as far as furniture goes and we purchased paint and wood. Not everything was originally in this room but we were able to pull items from the rest of our home as well as bringing the items from Eddie's "work" office. 
From the office we brought: Reclaimed Sit-Stand Desk, all the plaques, the Miller Lite neon, a small Edison bulb lamp, the Manready x Wild Standard framed flag, and all the electronics (monitors, speakers, etc). 
From our home we had: the tall three door cabinet, the large green trunk (hello City Wide Garage Sale), the 3 piece Samsonite vintage luggage set, Whiskey & Waylon pillow, Mexican blanket, and all the small decor pieces on the shelf. 
What we got rid of: a full-size bed frame, mattress, box springs, a 5ft long dresser, and a vintage window we had hanging on the wall. Additionally, we were able to put a few things in the attic. 
Question: Did you have a design idea you were looking for?
Answer: 110% YES. I knew exactly what I wanted the room to feel like after we were finished. I was looking for a moody/manly vibe but also something that wasn't crazy and still catered to my neutral love affair. Here's a few inspo photos I found before we started the project.

Question: How did you accomplish the accent wall with the wood detail?
Answer: Um, Eddie is handy that's how. Ha! No really, it was super easy. We purchased the strips of mdf wood from Home Depot. It was already primed and ready to paint! (TIP: Paint the trim board BEFORE you nail it to the wall. It's much easier!) After painted, I randomly placed the trim pieces where I wanted them. Here's where the decision lands in your hands: do you want it evenly spaced or more random? We went the random look and I'm so glad we did. We just nailed them in the places I marked out and then measured to make sure they were straight all the way from the ceiling to the floor. 

Question: Paint color? It's beautiful!
Answer: PPG Winning Ticket ; purchased at Home Depot. We opted for an eggshell finish and purchased the highest quality paint available from the brand which allowed up to only apply one coat! I like the look of it. It's classic but moody. So perfect for the vision!

Question: Does the sofa make a bed? Where is it from?
Answer:  Yes! It folds out and makes a space larger than a full-size mattress. It's the Novogratz Brittany 81.5" Sofa. We purchased it from Wayfair but the shipping time is much shorter on Amazon

Question: Is the sofa going to be okay for your guests?
Answer: I guess it'll have to be! Ha! No, in all honesty, it'll be a better space for guests than before. The room before was way too small for a stationary bed frame PLUS the sofa "bed" is actually larger! I'm sitting on it right now as I type this, and I must say, it's as comfy as our $$$$ West Elm Sofa so I think it was a win!

Question: Is the room finished or will you be doing anything to it?
Answer: Are rooms at our house ever finished? Ha! I think eventually I'll try to find a cool rug for the space. My friend Jodie HIGHLY recommends the rugs from Wayfair so I may just grab one from there if I can't find a cool vintage rug within the next few weeks! We also have a bit of space beside Eddie's desk that we want to put something on the wall but haven't found that perfect piece yet. ANDDDD hopefully we have a lot more plaques roll into the house soon! Team player over here! PS...this neon though! SWOON!

Question: What plants are in the room? I know you love plants! Lol
Answer: Y'all know me so well! Before we even started painting or doing the accent wall, I purchased a plant for the space. We added a ZZ Plant (requires little to no sunlight/water) in a little wicker basket and then also added in a succulent that's planted in an Austin-based beer can. And does pampas grass count? Because y'all know I forced Eddie to let me add a sprig or two to his shelf!

Question: Where are all the office items? Printer, paper, pens, etc. I noticed there's no desk drawers. 
Answer: Ha! Eagle eyes! Well to be honest, all that lives in our candle studio. So if he needs to print anything, he prints it to the room next-door. Eddie is more of a digital person so he rarely has a notepad for stuff but does have a little thing of post-its and a coffee mug with a few pens in it on his desk-top just in case!

Question: Favorite part of the room?
Answer: Morgan-I love the little corner with the Manready flag and reclaimed shelf. It's the total essence of the room. 
Eddie- I like the plaque wall because I never really had them hung up in a creative way before but the flag wall means the most to me. 

And here's a few more shots of the space just for fun!