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How To Reuse Our Vessel: Flower Arrangement

Hey friends! With all this time in quarantine, we've been burning our days away with lots and lots of candles...after-all, do you blame us?

We've also seen a major influx in ordering and assume a lot of y'all are doing the same thing and lighting up your WBG candles a little more than normal. SO...we are here today to share a fun little idea with you. 

That's right, reusing your mason jar vessels for a cutie little flower arrangement. 

Ps....need a mason jar? Buy a candle, burn through it, and then craft! Hey, it sounds like a win/win to us! SHOP HERE!

- Flowers of your choice (we recommend two different kinds for a more full look!)
- 16oz mason jar vessel
- Twine, jute, or ribbon
- Sheering scissors or a sharp knife

...and that's it! Easy right?? 
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