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Electrical Walk-Through Day: January 12, 2023

 Today we went to the house for an electrical walk-through with our builder and our electrician. We went room by room (and by we I mean Eddie talked and I listened) and made note of all the switches, outlets, ethernet, etc. This sounds easy enough but it was about 2 hours of walking the site and marking up the walls with notes, heights, and spacing info. 

Ps....we know the screen is blurry. We just aren't interested in sharing our plans with the internet world. Not only did we spend a lot of time and money on creating them, we also just don't want the layout of our home being on the internet for safety reasons. 

There isn't a ton of notes for us to really talk about (mostly bore you with) but we did want to just give everyone a few tips/tricks we learned during this process. 

This will make the process easier for everyone. Eddie has spent countless hours going over the plans and tweaking even the smallest of details. 

We aren't saying you need to research how to be an electrician ha! BUT we are telling you to get on your computer and research light switches, outlets, security cameras, doorbells, etc. Knowing these items and what they require on the electrical front before the electrician gets there will be 100 times better (and cheaper). Anything you forget will cost you much more later down the road to add. 

TIP #3: Ask yourself, your friends, your family, your builders. 
A simple "where do you wish you had an outlet?" or "anywhere in your house you forgot to add a plug?" will help. Blogs, building instagrams, or Pinterest accounts will also be a great place to look for advice. 

We will go into detail about the switches we chose, how they fit into our smart home, and where to shop to get the best deals in a later post but I've gone ahead and linked some of our favorite options for the house below so you can start doing your own research now if you need to.