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Exterior Paint Color Reveal (and how we chose):

For two years we envisioned our house being white. Clean, simple, modern. That was always the idea behind our plans and essentially the paint selections as well. White just felt right. 

But....then we saw a bunch of dark + moody black houses on Pinterest and started to change our minds. We toured black houses, we sat for hours with paint swatches, and we finally chose the color of our dreams.......

W H I T E. 
Lol I know, I know....predictable. But we really did go back and forth over and over again with the colors and did research on the pros and cons, and well, here we are. 

But, on behalf of the blog, we decided we'd share the colors we almost used plus the pros + cons for both a white and a black home. 


Black Homes:
(colors we loved: Iron Ore + Urbane Bronze by Sherwin Williams)
Pros: edgy, different and unique, sleek and modern, 
Cons: shows dust + dirt (and bird poop lol), attracts heat making it harder to cool, FADING!

White Homes:
(color we used: Snowbound by Sherwin Williams)
Pros: sleek and modern, won't fade quickly, deflects sunlight
Cons: shows dirt, trendy and seen in a lot of neighborhoods