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Insulation Is In!

 Another box checked off. Insulation was installed last week and it's really starting to take shape inside. Not a ton to say on this topic but we will break down the insulation materials we used and in what areas just in case that's something that would be helpful to anyone. 

Spray foam in a house (much less a garage) isn't super common. It's the highest quality of all insulation types but, of course, that comes with a hefty price tag. Most people avoid the idea because they don't wish to spend the extra money. While the option is 100% your choice, I will say the following....get the bid both ways. Not only will you be shocked by how little the difference truly is in comparison to the quality of product, but you will also see your A/C unit price go down. With better insulation, the size of the unit decreases. So while you are paying a bit more for insulation, you are also saving some on HVAC expenses. 

Additionally, if you live in extreme temperatures (think Texas in September or Wisconsin in January), it also might be worth the upgrade. The idea behind insulation is to keep the heat out during the hot months and heat in during the cold months. Indesirable “heat transfer” (in winter and summer) is a major contributor to energy inefficiency.

Where We Used Spray Foam:
- All exterior walls + attic/roof of the house. 
- All exterior walls + attic/roof of the garage
(the garage wasn't originally going to be entirely spray foam. We talked about just doing the attic/roof but the difference in cost ended up being less than we expected so we just opted to do the entire space)

Where We Used Traditional Batts:
- All bathrooms
- Laundry Room
- Mid-floor
(also something to note on the mid-floor; this was an upgraded thickness to ensure more soundproofing between the first level and second level)