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Say Hi To Our Custom Doors!

 We've been dreaming of this day for months, install day!

We always knew we wanted to do custom steel front doors and had toyed with the idea of a Dutch door leading out of our hallway to the breezeway. After doing a lot of research, we realized the Dutch door options weren't very easy to find. SO, when we reached out to Prestige Steel Doors & Windows (LINKED HERE) we knew we wanted to see if they could build us the dutch door we were having such a hard time finding. And, THEY DID!

The process of ordering the doors was super simple. Our builder gave us all the dimensions we needed and we worked directly with Prestige to design both doors. Within a week, we had finalized the designs, paid the deposit, and the doors were in production. The turnaround time was roughly 6-8 weeks which was truly very quick. 

They scheduled a time to come out to install (for us this occurred after insulation was finished). They took a few hours to install both doors and then came back the following day to finish up.

**NOTE, for a new construction home, they will also come out at the end of the build to touch up and fix any blemishes that happen during the construction process.**

See our Dutch door in action!