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FINALLY, An Update (and cabinets.....and countertops)

It's been a few weeks since I provided an update. We've been stuck in a never-ending loop of baby appointments. Plus, there's been delays and to be honest, it's been a hard a few weeks to stomach with delays and the realization that the target move-in of July has obviously come and gone. And August, well it's not a solid bet either. 

Building a house is hard. Mentally, very hard. But also rewarding. I feel like being pregnant (really pregnant) has also made it even harder to grasp the delays. BUT, I've come to terms (mostly) and we are just praying all day/every day for a competed house before a birthed baby. LOL.

So, now that I've used this blog as a therapy session, on with the updates!

1. We got the house painted after a couple weeks of prep.

I just wrapped up a separate post about that HERE.

2. I, Morgan, considered having a mental breakdown because our cabinets continued to get delayed, and delayed, and delayed some more. 

The good news, they showed up yesterday and while I hate to use this phrase, they were worth the wait. I'll work on getting a complete blog posts with alllll things cabinets asap!

Until then, here's a little look. 

3. We chose countertops. We scheduled the meeting before we knew the cabinets were even on their way so wow, perfect timing. 

I didn't manage to get a photo of our exact slab but this one is super similar to the one we chose. 

This is the selection for baby's bathroom. It's the only room in the house that's different which was always my dream. Gonna be the coolest bathroom around.