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 After a couple weeks of prep, we finally have paint.

To most everyone, it'll look the same as pre-paint. Why? Well because every single wall in the entire house, aside from Eddie's office, plus the garage and candle studio, are white. We really wanted a true white and I did a lot of research to find the perfect shade. The whole, "I'll do white" isn't a thing. There's THOUSANDS of shades and brands and it's hard!

We painted the exterior of our home Snowbound by Sherwin Williams and decided it was the perfect shade for the interiors as well. When researching white paint, it was on a lot of people's lists but Alabaster was certainly everyone's pick. For us, it was wayyyyy too yellow. White paint can go two directions: yellow or blue. And yellow was absolutely a no-go for us since our current house is a horrible shade of yellow-ish beige. And blue, well it makes a place feel cold and sterile. So, enter Snowbound. It's a true neutral-white. Yeah, that's a thing. If anything, it pulls slightly grey but when I say slightly, I mean slightly. So, the perfect white. 

Eddie's office however, is far from white. I always wanted Eddie's office to be a vibe but I also knew that this time around I wanted him to design it entirely on his own. His current office is super cool but it was my vision, not his. BUT, he ended up wanting the same thing I did for the new space and we chose a very cool color to use: Urbane Bronze by Sherwin Williams 

We opted to paint everything in the office this color versus just using it for an accent wall. So, trim, ceiling, walls, door, etc are all painted the shade and wow, what a statement piece. 

* A quick's impossible to show the true shade of this color via photos. It sometimes looks green and brown but depending on the light, it shifts slightly**

Up next....cabinets. 
And they need to hurry LOL