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Jennings's Nursery: Girlie Yet Cool

The sweetest nursery for our sweetest girl.✨ Finally got to have that “nesting” experience by creating the nursery of my dreams for Jennings. 

I knew I wanted the space to feel like the following: muted girlie, sweet, simple, but with a touch of edge and coolness. 

photo credit: Twinty Photography

I truly feel like I was able to capture all those things in one little space. 
We purchased all of the items prior to moving and they sat in a box in our garage for months. Besides the crib, we never saw any of the items in person so it truly was a guessing game that turned out perfectly. There isn't one thing about the design I'd change

The crib was the very first thing we purchased for the nursery. We were actually on a trip to Nashville and stumbled in Green Hills Mall where we saw it. I had already added it to the consideration list when I saw it on the Crate & Kids website but once we saw it in person, we knew it would be perfect. The green online looked more sea foam but in person its a much darker and prettier sage color.

The second item we chose was the Waylon print from Soundwaves Creative. At this point, we knew her name would be Jennings so it just felt right. Plus the pink tones and holographic shine added that touch of "cool" we were looking for. 

The third item we purchased was the recliner/glider. We also saw this Baby Letto chair at the Green Hills Mall but not in the boucle fabric. It was comfy and cute and I had a feeling in this fabric, it would be perfect. And it is. 

Truthfully, I slept in it for about 1.5 months and sometimes I still do. LOL

The dresser was honestly the last piece of furniture we bought for the room. I never could find the perfect one....until I did. This solid-wood piece from Urban Outfitters was in my cart for about a week when it happened to go on major sale. We ordered it immediately and it sat int he garage for a few weeks until we moved. FYI, it's heavy. So be prepared to hire someone to help you move it in. Thankfully we moved into our new home and the company we used was able to get it upstairs for us cause whew, 200lbs ain't easy.

Another fun touch is the mirror. And while the colors are identical, it didn't come from the same place as the crib. It's the same pretty sage color in a funky yet girlie shape. It's a collaboration with Pottery Barn Kids from one of my favorite follows on Instagram: Julia Berolzheimer.

The Amazon mobile is one of my favorite (and least expensive) items in the room. We had it on our registry and one of my dearest friends purchased it for J. It has wool stars on it and is simple yet whimsical. Our girl loves laying under it and laughing. 

The wooden arm was something we purchased after setting up the crib. I love the natural wood and the fact that it doesn't damage the wall or the crib. Also....very inexpensive from Amazon.

This corner sees a lot of traffic. We are constantly grabbing for books to read and swapping them out from season to season. As I'm sitting to write this blog, we've already swapped the books out for Valentines Day/February. I'll be sure to post those photos + links in a future blog.

The acrylic shelves come in a pack of 3. We are currently only using two but may get the third up sooner rather than later.

TIP....register for books. LOTS OF BOOKS. 
We grab for them during the day but also every night. It's a routine we adapted after bath time and it's some of the sweetest moments with Jennings. 

...and a few more details. 

I love the sweet floral sheets (another item from the Pottery Barn Kids x  Julia Berolzheimer collar) with the hand-dyed indigo throw. Again with the "girlie yet cool" vibe. The cute mini-lamp was an Amazon find and we use it every night and every morning. It's the perfect glow for waking up and winding down. 

TIP! Add the lamp to a smart-plug so you can turn it on and off with your phone!