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The Update of All Updates....

We had a baby. We moved in. Over a month ago. The house is finished (almost.)

To be honest, this blog post has been a long time coming but with a baby at home, moving two weeks before Christmas, and settling in, the time has slipped away from me. 

BUT, we moved in. 

There's a few final things we still have that need to be completed but it's about 97% done and


I promise I'll go room-by-room and share soon but until then, here's a hodge-podge post.

Still left on the to-do list....

- Driveway (it's a muddy mess around here right now)

- Upstairs porch railing

- Door in our closet to cover the smart shower controls

- A few final smart-home things

Decorating side, we have some final things in my office (actually, a lot of work in here lol), Eddie's office (gotta find stuff for his gallery wall), master bedroom could use some help, and we need to commission a piece for our vinyl collection in the living room.

My favorite room in the house? You guessed it, I'm sure, Jennings's nursery. 

Here's a few photos of her room plus the rest of the house.