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What's In Jennings's Concert Bag?

We recently took Jennings to her first event (a NASCAR race, duh) and this gave me the opportunity to test out our "concert bag" before she goes to her first show in a few weeks. 

I didn't find a full diaper bag to be necessary and wanted to get something a little more dialed in for easy carry, packing, and having on hand for concert days/nights. 

Ideally, for us, what I was looking for was a bag that wasn't crazy heavy and didn't have anything extra in it that we wouldn't need or use. I took our diaper bag and just left it in the trunk of the car in case I forgot something or if we had a need for anything in it that wasn't in our smaller bag. 

Here's What I Packed In The Bag:
all items linked below

- Quilted Puffy Bag (size large in green color)
- Baby headphones (we tried multiple pair and these are the best for smaller babies)
- Diapers (only a couple)
- Wipes
- Teether toy (Sophie the Giraffe, always)
- Busy toy (something that they can look and play with for a bit)
- Pre-portioned formula (we only did enough for one bottle)
- Bottle with water in it (we don't heat up the bottle anymore either)
- Burp clothes
- One extra outfit
- Sunscreen! We ended up not needing it but it will be something I always keep on hand. 

-- Keep in mind, this works FOR US. If we are going somewhere, usually we have direct access to our car and parked near by. SO, we would be able to walk to the car and grab anything extra we needed. We were only at the track for a little over an hour so I did diaper changes in the trunk of the car upon arrival and before we left to head home. --
Other Items We Used:
- Doona (we removed the head brace so the headphones would fit on her head while in it)
- Blanket (if it wasn't chilly I would pack a thin blanket int he diaper bag for changing her on)

- Stroller Fan: It was still chilly for this event but once summer rolls into Texas, I would also make sure I took a stroller fan.