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Landscape Week: Day Two

Day two is here and truthfully, there's not a ton left to do. They managed to complete 90% of the front of the house yesterday. The rock was mostly in place and all that really needed to be done was edging and spreading the rock out in places. 

(see Day One Blog HERE)

Today they continued in the front working on the edging, which they got finished after a few hours, and moved on the the side and back yards. 

The side and back yards will have a smaller rock but overall the same look and feel. The side yard will eventually house a garden with raised beds so having a uniform material on the ground will be helpful for getting everything level and provide a strong base. 

Today they wrapped up really late. Around 7:30pm but completed almost all the rock work. 

Tomorrow they will complete the pavers for the grill area, finish the edging on the backyard, and clean up/wash the rocks down. 

It's already looking so good! We can't wait to share the finished product tomorrow!