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Landscape Week- Day One

 It's been almost 4 months since we moved into our new home and we are just now getting the landscaping started. We weren't totally sure what we wanted to do PLUS we wanted to wait for warmer temps, less rain, etc. It turns out, we are very glad we waited a few months before starting. We ended uo deciding not to fence in the backyard and are opting for a very minimal approach. 


A Bit About The Plan

We are going simple + natural. We are matching the terrain and doing mostly rock all around the house. The front yard will consist of a larger stone while the side yard and backyard will be a smaller pebble style rock. They will also be using a black metal trim to finish the edges around the driveway, front yard, and backyard areas. Additionally, we had drip lines and a few capped sprinkler heads added around the house. Eventually we would love to have a garden on the side of the house and incorporate some steel planters in the front of the house. 

We also will still have the giant shutter on the front of the house too. This should complete the whole curb appeal and really wrap up the design. 

One other idea we had was to have a small area for our smoker/grill. We want those off the side porch and having an area dedicated to them off to the side will be a great addition.

A Look At Day One

It was a full day of work around the house with prep work, spraying for weeds, and laying black tarp before the rocks. We also got four dump truck loads of rock which should be enough for the whole job. 

By the end of the day, most of the work in the front of the house was complete. They still have to work on the metal edging but as far as the rock, it's mostly in its place. It's looking SOOOO GOOD and really completing the look of the home. 

Here's A Few From The End of Day One
We are excited to see what day two brings today!