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Family Photos - Part 2

We recently had our favorite photographer, April from Twinty Photography), our to our new home to capture some family photos now that we are settled in. For the sake of shorter blogs, I'm going to break up the session/photos into a few parts. 

PART TWO: Stairs + Entrance
The Place It Starts: The Entrance

April actually shared an Instagram carousel of her and her family on the same porch/entrance year after year and I instantly knew I wanted to have that tradition for us, as well. 

So here's where it begins. Our home, our day, everything. The entrance.

The Most Traveled Area: The Stairs
I knew I wanted to take a photo on the stairs. It's such a cool spot in the house and one of the areas we spent the most time designing and waiting to be finished. We also took a photo on the stairs when they were just lumber and Jennings was just a bean in my belly! I'll share that photo at the end for a fun little throwback.

And now for that throwback picture....