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An Easy Week of BLW Meals (6 months old)

Monday: Toast Strips (with avocado + hummus)

- Bread: Ezekiel 4:9 Bread: low-sodium and full of protein and healthy fat ; toasted in oven and cut into strips

- Avocado: mashed and spread on toast

- Hummus: spread on toast

Tuesday: Breakfast For Dinner

- Eggs: cooked into omelet style strips with broccoli, ghee, and garlic powder

- Strawberry: served whole

Wednesday: Lemon Yogurt + Banana

- Lemon Yogurt: We love Mother Cultures brand but any organic/full fat yogurt is good for baby. Add in nut butters for more protein. 

- Banana: Served halved with peel still on for grasping.

Thursday: Meatballs, Asparagus, and Orange Slice

- Broccoli Meatballs: Served in large fist-sized balls, [recipe here]

Asparagus: Sautéed in ghee until soft and easily pierced with a fork. Served whole. She loved these. Obviously it was more sucking than eating since she doesn't have teeth, but it was a hit. 

- Orange Slice: Served in a large wedge for easy grasping.

Friday: Salmon Strip + Green Beans 

Salmon: Cut into strips (about two finger widths in size) and seasoned with avocado oil, dill, and fresh lemon. Baked in the oven and served whole.

- Green Beans: Roasted in the oven for roughly 12 minutes at 400 degrees. Just make sure they are cooked enough to not snap but not so soft they lose shape.

Saturday: Sourdough Pizza Crust + Watermelon

Sourdough Pizza Crust: I left a tiny bit of the pizza (organic spinach and mushrooms) but mostly just the crust. This is a great item for helping baby build those jaw muscles for chewing. She was able to get small bites off since the crust was soft. 

- Watermelon: Served in large triangles for baby to hold. 

Sunday: Egg Strips + Banana Pancakes (with berry blend spread)

- Eggs: cooked into omelet style strips with ghee and paprika

- Banana Pancakes: served in whole rounds [recipe used here]

- Berry Blend (aka our "smoothie"): It's essentially all the fresh berries we haven't eaten for the week that we've frozen (plus some almond butter) blended up into little ovals that fit in her feeder. I keep some out and use as a spread.