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Baby Must-Haves For Summer

Summer is right around the corner and that means you [and your baby] will be spending more time outside in the heat/sun. I've started gathering items for Jennings and decided I'd share those on the blog for anyone else with babies and not sure where to start.

As a first-time mom, I used other moms as my resources plus added in a few items I know fit our lifestyle and needs. 

Also, I obviously have a baby girl so I focused this blog mostly on her/her needs but I also linked all the same items but for a boy belo! Don't worry y'all, I've got your "boy-mom" backs too!
- Sun Hat:
 I feel like in some ways, this is the most important item to have this summer for a baby. If you are going to be in the sun at all, I think having a hat on your baby should be a top priority. I looked for bright colors and a large brim when shopping for J's. 

- Swimsuit:
I'm not super sure how much she will need a swimsuit but we do live only a couple minutes from the lake so I went ahead and grabbed one for Jennings to have on hand in a month or so. I opted for one with long sleeves to help protect from the sun and also ABSOLUTELY NO BLUE! I've read bright whites and neon colors like orange and green are easiest to see in water. 

- Bug Spray:
If Jennings is anything like me, she's going to be a bug magnet. After a lot of research into finding the cleanest option for babies, I landed on Badger. It contains lemongrass, citronella, and rosemary and is a greta natural option to repel those bugs!

- Sunscreen: 
Along the same lines as the bug spray, I wanted something with clean ingredients if I'm rubbing it all over my baby. I decided to go with Roe Wellness since I was familiar with the brand after using their baby lotion on J for the last six months. I purchased both the lotion and the powder. I figure I'll keep the powder in the diaper bag since it's easy to carry and compact. I think it will be the perfect "on-the-go" option. 

- Sunglasses:
Not a necessity but if your baby will wear them, might as well add them to the cart. We have a couple pair for J and she does a great job of keeping them on. 

- Portable Fan:
If you've been around since my pregnancy days, you likely already own one. I had one for my pregnancy bag and transitioned it over to the stroller now that it's getting warmer. I love the one we have because it's bendable and able to attach anywhere. 

- Blanket/Mat:
If you are going to be outside, you'll need a blanket or playmat. I grabbed one that's water resistant. I think this will work great for wiping off the outside/water/dust/etc. It also folds up small. (ps....gonnna have a giveaway for one!)

- Water Toys:
I always look for silicone when purchasing toys going in water. I found a really cute bucket + toys set that would be great for pool days, lake days, or even on your beach trips. 

- Baby Pool:
Not a requirement but it's a fun one. Jennings loves taking bath so a quick little dip in a baby sized pool will be on our summer bucket list. 

- Fruit Feeder:
A great way for baby to cool off this summer! Add in some frozen fruits!

Additional Items:
- Cooler
- Swim Diapers