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National Laundry Day: Our Must-Haves [with a baby]

 Happy National Laundry Day!

Truthfully I didn't know it was a thing until I watched the Today Show this morning. BUT, I already had this post in the queue so I decided to move it up and share today. 

Having a baby has changed a few things in our laundry room ; mainly the types of products we use. I started swapping out our home cleaning products prior to getting pregnant but once we had Jennings, laundry items became a priority. 

Here's A Few Laundry of Our Must-Haves:

- Molly's Suds Laundry Powder:
This was highly recommend by several friends and at the top of my list when I researched laundry powders with clean ingredients. It contains no dyes, SLS, formaldehyde, parabens, or optical brighteners. We use the fragrance free option which also eliminates allergens to fragrance. We not only wash J's laundry with it, but our own. It's gentle enough for her but tough enough for adult stains and smells. 

- Molly's Suds Laundry Pods:
Same as above but in pod form which some washers list as their preferred option. 

- Molly's Suds Dryer Sheets:
We just started using the dryer sheets and they work great. Not a ton to say other than we use the fragrance free, they work, and they are a great clean option!

- Molly's Suds Oxygen Whitener:
Pre-treat, aka Oxyclean, is awful. Lol. I said it. It works but the ingredients are basically just all toxins. We swapped to the Molly's Suds version and it works just as well without all the bad stuff in it. It uses lemon to brighten whites and work as a natural bleaching agent. 

- Miss Mouth's Stain Spray:
An absolute MUST for babies ESPECIALLY once they start foods. Cannot recommend it enough. I just spray on the stain and wait 15 minutes before washing. Usually the stain is gone before the wash even happens. Below is a blueberry before and after 15 minutes of being sprayed. 

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