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Here's a look at the most random items I've purchased the last couple weeks. 
I'll break down all the details below PLUS links to shop! 

Pizza Kit:
Okay, this is likely the most random item but such a goodie. I only make this pizza maybe once per year but the crust is key. It's essentially a deep dish pizza and I honestly only use the crust packets. I'll share the recipe once I make it this week!

Lululemon Bra Dupe:
I love this brand on Amazon. I found them from another influencer and have ordered several pieces since. This bra might even be better [and softer] than the Lululemon one. It's also only $25!

Fruit Clips for Jennings:
Bows and clips are cute for little girls. But also, Jennings has so much hair we HAVE to keep one in at all times or she can't see. These are super cute and will be perfect for summer! PLUS, she lovessss all fruit so it's her vibe now. 

Red + White Checkered Boxers:
I've been on the boxer trend for over a year now. I was wearing them two years ago with crewnecks in the fall so I'm glad to see others finally coming around to the idea. They are the perfect summer lounge short!

Diaper Pail Bags:
A boring restock but an important one nonetheless. 

Jenning's First Swimsuit:
I'm working on a "Summer Must-Haves For Your Baby" blog and wanted to find a super cute swimsuit for Jennings to try out and review for the post. This one from Amazon is so sweet and I love that it's bright white and will stand out in water. NO BLUE SUITS!

Strawberry Mug:
I don't know....felt cute so I ordered it. LOL

Pink + White Stripped Pants:
I will likely return these because they are too short on me. I'm 5'10" and I have a hard time finding pants with a good length. But, if you're on the petite side, these are so cute!

Hot Dog Book:
Jennings's next bookshelf will be all about puppies! This was a recommended book on Amazon and once I saw the bright illustrations and rhythmic wording, I knew she'd love it. 

Party In The USA Bubble Romper:
I actually ordered a different graphic than this one but same style so I'm linking it. I love a bubble romper and especially cute holiday ones. Catch J in this for the fourth of July. 

Jungle Animals Book:
We already had this book in the Farm Animals version and Jennings loved it. So, I grabbed this one to rotate out. 

Egg Containers:
We've been buying eggs locally and I wanted to start getting 3 dozen every two weeks so we upgraded our egg containers to a larger size. I ordered the 3-pack and the quality is great. 

Fruit Slicers:
Jennings LOVES fruit. Right now she's mostly easting them whole and large or smashed. BUT, soon we will start with slices so I ordered these to have on hand. Ps...gonna have these in a giveaway soon!