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Sloppy Joes + Asparagus For BLW (baby-led weaning)

Here's another easy meal for you family + baby. These are meals we’ve cooked for ourselves and adapted for Jennings. We started baby-led weaning (BLW) over a month ago and it’s been great for Jennings and not as difficult as expected for us. I have a whole blog about starting BLW and all the things you need to know that you can read here:

 Tonight we had sloppy joes for dinner. 

Here's a look at how WE ate it and how SHE ate it.


- Ground Beef + Avocado: 
Sometimes ground beef can be hard for a baby to eat. You can either use it for meatballs or cut patties into strips OR add to a softer base like potato, sweet potato, or in this case, avocado. I just used our favorite mashing bowl (linked here) and then served on pre-loaded spoons. 

Sautéed in ghee until soft and easily pierced with a fork. Served whole. She loved these. Obviously it was more sucking than eating since she doesn't have teeth, but it was a hit. 

- "Smoothie":
In her forged feeder I served what we call a smoothie. It's essentially all the fresh berries we haven't eaten for the week that we've frozen (plus some almond butter) blended up into little ovals that fit in her feeder. The mold comes with the forged feeder and we just keep some in a container for times like these or for teething. 


Our dinner was a true sloppy Joe. I ate my open because idk, I always have and served with some asparagus topped with some fresh parm. Super easy and a great meal for a week night. 
**I also tried the HEB Organics sloppy Joe sauce this time and it was sooooo good**