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Spring Toys For Your Babies

Springtime. Aka gardening, bugs, and weather. 

We just recently swapped our Easter books for springtime ones and it got my wheels turning for all things spring. I decided to do a little toy rotation and share some cute spring influenced toys for your baby. For reference, Jennings is six months old but has loved a lot of these toys for months. 

Here's A Few Ideas:

Spring Theme: Weather

- Rain Maker: 

This is one of Jennings's current favorite toys. It's super simple and small [aka great for storage if you rotate toys like we do]. It's a great toy for infants all the way to toddler, in my opinion. Baby will learn the soothing sounds of rain are caused by moving the rain stick: aka cause-and-effect. Toys like these are great for sensory development and also for making connections between their actions and what occurs. 

- Toy Weather Station:

This is something that's a bit too old for Jennings right now but I might order it for when she's a toddler. This would be a great morning activity to start the day. This mimics some of the activities they do in preschool and kindergarten so it's the perfect at-home learning to help them transition with some knowledge of weather. 

Spring Theme: Gardening

- Berry Teether:

Such a cutie little teether and right on theme with spring. It's easy to hold and perfect for babies of all ages ESPECIALLY those getting teeth or starting solids. Baby can practice bringing the berry to their mouth and strengthening their jaw muscles for chewing practice.

- Farmer's Market Sensory Toy: 

If you are a regular at your local farmer's market (and take your kiddos) like we are, then this is the perfect toy for your little one. Jennings got this little bag of fruits/veggies as an Easter gift and we had already ordered the Pillowfort one from Target. These are great for sensory play now (crinkle, squeak, rattle, etc) but will transition nicely into imaginative play later in a play kitchen or grocery shop. 

Spring Theme: Bugs

- Busy Bug Spinners: 

We have these and they travel all over the house with us. Sometimes we play with them during normal toy rotation, sometimes in our bouncer while I'm trying to make dinner, sometimes in the car, and one even lives in the bathtub. If we were traveling via plane, I would certainly bring these for the plane window to play with. 

- Hello Bugs! Crinkle Book: 

We have the farm animal version and it's one of J's favorite things. She will play with it independently for 10-15 minutes and loves all the textures and sounds. 

- Insect Popper Fight Toys:

This would be the perfect small toy for traveling or just on the go. Throw them in your diaper bag and baby can play with them during transitions, carseat time, or in their strollers.