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Your Faves From April

Hi!! Happy May!

Here's a little blog post with all the details about your faves from April. These are the top six items you purchased with my affiliate links last month!

Built Like A Mother Tee:

I am LIVING in my Kristin Jones tees this spring. I ordered two styles from her Mother's Day launch and this design was everyone's favorite. They are on Comfort Color tees and are soooooo cute. I have been sizing up to an XL for an oversized look [per Kristin's advice!] and pairing with boxer shorts or biker shorts. This time around I went with a size large and honestly loved it just as much. 

Mom Club Hat: 

All things mom, all the time. Loving this cute collar with Slyfox x Anthropologie! 

Baby Suction Bowl: 

I FINALLY FOUND A BOWL THAT STICKS TO THE TRIPP TRAPP HIGH-CHAIR!!!! Once I posted about SO MANY of you messaged me that you ordered it immediately.

Flower Pajamas:

I've shared these pajamas for Jennings before (and I have matching mommy ones!) but once I posted her wearing them to her first concert, so many people reached out with questions. She wore another print from this collection but the flowers are certainly everyones favorites!

Berry Slicer:

If you have kids, get this. I ordered this for once Jennings is a bit older to slice berries and eggs but currently Eddie and I are enjoying using it for our fruit!

Produce Storage Container [Amazon Find!]:

Another Amazon find that I'm OBSESSED with. This has made dinner prep so much easier PLUS it allows me to have things ready for feeding J as well. I wash all my fruits and vegetables and cut up what I want and place int these containers. I have both the small and the large and love both!