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Finally Planting The Garden!

Friday, after a battle with food poisoning or a virus from hell, we managed to get started on planting the garden. We thought we might have a bit of trouble finding some veggies and herbs just because we are a bit late into the planting season [although her in Texas in our hardiness zone we usually can get 2 plant cycles] BUT, we managed to find a lot of the items we wanted to try for year number one. 

We went to a local nursery, Grandma's House Garden Nursery, in Smithville. The owners were so nice and have a HUGE selection of well, EVERYTHING. 

Here's a few shots from our time at the nursery. For all you mamas, take your babies. They will love it. I wore Jennings in the Artipoppe and it was super fun. This was one of her first times facing forward too, which she obviously was a fan of. 

Next stop was Home Depot for soil.We knew we wanted to use a very specific, and highly recommend, organic garden soil. Also, because we are using raised beds, those require a different type also. 

We ended up getting 100 bags and used 85 of them. Ideally, we could've bought soil in bulk but based on the location of our beds and the fact that it's just Eddie and I (plus a baby which instantly changes things), we just paid a bit more and got bags. While easy to handle, it was absolutely a long and hard day. BUT, we managed to get everything in the ground so, that's a win!

I'll share a first look at our garden beds and our layout for planting!

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