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What's In Our Outdoor Bag?

Bogg bags are not new, but they are new to me. LOL

It's truly funny the things you learn and want once you become a parent. I started noticing that when Jennings and I would go outside, it would be a battle to try and get everything I needed: sun hat, bug spray, sunscreen, playmat, etc. SO, I decided to splurge on an Amazon version of a Bogg bag. While a "knock-off, it was still a bit of a splurge at $60. I did manage to choose a color that was on sale randomly for $52 which helped a bit. 

I saw the authentic Bogg brand bags at Academy [these will run you closer to $120] and the Amazon version is literally the exact same. 10/10 on quality, color, and size. 

I'll share links to everything below, but here's the bag link [CLICK HERE] because it's too good to wait to share. 

Okay, now to the fun part....what's inside. 

I shared a "What's In Jennings's Concert Bag" post a few months back and it was one of everyone's faves, so I'm hoping this post will be useful as well. 

We are heading to the lake this weekend and I wanted to share all the things I'm packing + some items that are must-haves for outdoors/summer with kiddos!

Here's What's  In The Bag:
all items linked below

- Bogg Bag Dupe [Size XL ; Pink]
- Zip Bag to separate smaller items
- Sunscreen
- Bug Spray
- First Aid Kit [working on a separate post about our at home + travel kits]
- Stroller Fan
- Sun Hat
- Striped Towel
- Pop-Up Tent

Specific For Beach or Lake:
- Swim Diaper [going with a reusable option]
- Swimsuit
- Mesh Bags for Wet Swimsuits

Snacks + Drinks:
- Snack Bin
- Stainless Straw Cup

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