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sparkles + leather

There's something about a leather jacket that is timeless and classic. It's the one luxurious staple every female has been looking to add to their wardrobes for years. I mean, do you remember Sandy on Grease? She rocked one and every girl across the U.S. wanted to follow suit. Fast forward nearly 40 years later, and it still happens to be an item everyone is looking to add to their closets. 

Growing up in East Tennessee, I was able to experience all four seasons very clearly. You knew that every year around the end of September that the leaves would start to fall and cooler weather would slowly and gradually work it's way in. In Texas, it goes a little like this: summer, summer, one randomly cold day, summer, summer, kinda cool for a week, summer, summer, etc....but really. Texas is weird.  Excuse me, Texas weather is weird. Last week it was 50 degrees, yesterday was 80 degrees, and tomorrow will be in the 40's. Seriously, I need this state to make up it's mind. 

Because dressing according to Texas weather is difficult, I've learned that layering should be my best friend. Most days you'll find me wearing a dress/skirt with ankle boots, and either a sweater or jacket. If it's hot outside, I remove the jacket. If it's cooler weather, I cozy up with the extra wait of a jacket. 

All I can say is...a good leather jacket should be on every woman's holiday wish list for this reason alone.

Whatever the weather or holiday destination, a leather jacket never disappoints. It's heavy enough to knock the brisk off your shoulders, but light enough to pair with a dress. 

My favorite holiday look this season involves only two things: sparkles and leather. Grab that glittery dress out of your closet a few weeks before New Years, throw on an edgy leather jacket and voila, holiday outfit perfect for unpredictable weather. 

TIP: No accessories are needed to complete this look. Let the sparkles and the leather do the talking. 

Dress: Nixon Asked Cash || Jacket: Thread & Supply (both available at STRUT)