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jewel tones for winter

Here's the reasons why you need jewel tones in your closet: 
1. They look good on EVERYONE. Seriously, every skin tone can wear these colors. 
2. Nothing else matters....

....okay, just kidding, kinda. 

Jewel tones are sophisticated and classic but seductive and fun. Plus, they are ALWAYS in style.  If you incorporate these colors into your wardrobe this winter, you'll still have pieces that are on trend this time next year. Jewel toned items are a great bang for your buck!

Below I am wearing a ruby red corduroy skirt, emerald bodysuit, and a sapphire blue trench coat. By wearing all three of these colors together it allows all three pieces to stand out on their own. It's like a natural color block without even trying! 

TIP: Accessories should be minimal. Nude/brown shoes work well with jewel tones while black accessories bring too much darkness to the ensemble. Throw on some simple gold jewelry and your outfit is complete!

Trench Coat: Nixon Asked Cash || Skirt: STRUT || Bodysuit: STRUT