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Taking A Trip To The EASTSIDE:

There's a new place on E Cesar Chavez and it's devine. Seriously, SO GOOD. 

As someone who considers herself a "brunch professional", I know a good Sunday morning menu when I see one. From breakfast toasts and scrambles, to salads and wraps, to the "heart stopper" (a burger topped with brisket, pulled pork, sausage, bacon, jalapeño, onion, and queso), this restaurant is destined for greatness. 
Let's start by talking about the drinks. I'm not a consistent boozer and you never really see me post about the drinks I order because let's face it, I don't usually order any! So, take my word when I tell you the drinks here are splurge worthy. I've ordered the same drink both times I've been to EastSide Tavern and I'm quite certain I'll never order anything else. 

What I Ordered to Drink: The Market Creme Soda
(Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum + Housemade Cream Soda)
This is a drink they serve at their downtown bar, "The Market." I LOVE cream soda and I can honestly say this is the best mix of booze and soda that I've ever had.

What Eddie K. Ordered To Drink: EastSide Mule
(Patron Silver + Ginger Beer, Topped with an Ancho Reyes + Big Red Floater)
I'll start by saying, "I tasted it and I liked it too." Again, as someone who doesn't drink very often, this is HUGE. The EastSide Mule is a spin on Eddie's all-time fave drink, the Moscow Mule. Because this drink has tequila, it's more of a "margarita mule" if you will. Yummy!
(Ps...can we just talk about this cute mug for a second? HEART EYES.)

Appetizer: Chips + Queso
It's a classic. It's a go-to. It's cheese and chips. EVERYONE loves cheese and chips. 

You can't go wrong with ordering queso. Some is better than others, but all queso is delicious. THIS QUESO WAS NO EXCEPTION. The chips, which were extra thick, came out hot and salty and the queso was thick but creamy. AKA perfection. 

pictured: EastSide Tavern queso and Eddie K's eager fingers

What I Ordered To Eat: Smoked Turkey Wrap 
topped with lettuce + tomato + avocado + bbq ranch. 
It's a constant battle for me when ordering food at ANY restaurant. Usually it's because I'm too picky BUT occasionally, it's because there are too many options on the menu that I simply can't choose between. THAT is what happened at EastSide Tavern. After debating on being healthy/ totally pigging out on the "Heartstopper", I went with the turkey wrap. It's a a light choice but very filling. 
It's a freshly warmed wrap filled with lettuce, tomatoes, avocados, and smoked turkey. That turkey tho, y'all. SO GOOD. The best part? That smoky taste. It really takes this wrap from good to great! Inside the wrap there is a bbq ranch. Whenever I ordered it, I thought it would be a bit tangy like a normal bbq sauce. To my surprise, it was actually really sweet. It was a nice compliment to the overall fresh and organic flavors. 
So the turkey wrap comes with slaw but I opted out. Who can say no to fries, right?? These were some of the best fries I've had in a long time. Trust me, they were even better than the presentation. And let's face it, the tiny milk pail they arrive in is too cute for words. 
Recommendation: Don't let your queso go to waste. It's perfect to dip your fries in. NO SHAME. 

What Eddie K. Ordered To Eat: Brisket Hash (Brunch Special)
chopped brisket + caramelized onions + smoker-roasted peppers and potatoes + two over-easy eggs
Eddie loved this dish so much the first time that he ordered it again this time. We enjoy going to brunch because it allows me to each lunch while he eats breakfast. If I order breakfast, it's usually something with potatoes and loads of other things on top of it. Whenever Eddie ordered this the first time, I was immediately excited because duh, I got to try his too since it was something I liked. 

The Words of Eddie K: "I liked the combination of everything. The smoke flavor, the brisket, and the egg worked well together. I really enjoyed that everything seemed to have been cooked in the same pan. It is just like something I'd enjoy cooking at home. The portions were just right and overall, I loved it."

Visit EastSide Tavern ASAP. You won't regret it. 
1510 E Cesar Chavez | Austin, TX 78702