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Farmhouse Table + Chair Makeover

The day finally came and went and now all the DIY's, craft projects, updates, repairs, etc. have begun! We are officially moved into our Beechnut Bungalow and couldn't be happier to break out our toolboxes and paint brushes! Truth be told, all the projects are already in full affect. I've spent the last 4 days covered in paint. In fact, I juts noticed I still have paint in my hair from yesterday! Ha!

First item on my to-do list was the dining table and chairs we snatched up for one heck of a deal! I'm frugal. Maybe even a bit cheap. If something is free, chances are I'll think about taking it. When packing up our apartment to move out, we noticed there was a table that someone no longer wanted/had left behind before moving out. 

As you can see, it was the worst dark brown, bulky, generic, horrible, table on earth. We didn't love the lattice design on the tabletop but figured it was free so we had nothing to lose.  

I'm a huge fan of the "chalk paint" rustic look on furniture. (See previous post featuring our old office HERE). I tend to gravitate towards white paint and love to grab some sandpaper and scrap off the paint around the edges to give it a more used/weathered look. 

I used ColorPlace Interior Flat White paint from Walmart (mostly because it's cheap white paint. I see no reason to spend $50 on a gallon of white paint. Mixed colors is a different story but for white, GO TO WALMART.) I chose the "flat" finish but it's all about preference. 

I painted the entire table white and applied 3+ coats until it was solid white with zero of the dark wood color showing through. Then with 120 grit sandpaper I scuffed all the edges of the table, pedestal, and some places on the tabletop. I wish I could tell you how to do this part but really it's all personal choice. Just scuff/don't scuff to your liking. 

The chairs were a Goodwill find and cost me $7.99 each. Yeah, I got four chairs for $30. Be jealous. They were a black wood/enamel composite and had the WORST yellow floral cushion you've ever seen. They definitely didn't fit our farmhouse style AT ALL but I loved the shape, designs, and size none-the-less. 

While redoing them, I found out that they are actually made in Italy and are actually quite expensive/well made chairs. Yay for Goodwill and my thriftiness!

I started with the cushions. I've covered chairs before for odd projects here and there but never worked on four chairs at the same time. Overall it took two trips to get fabric from Walmart and about and hour to take the old upholstery off and put the new on. 

Step 1: Remove the cushions. 
Step 2: Paint the chairs using the same ColorPlace Flat White paint as I did on the table. The chairs only took 2 coats and a touch-up here and there where needed. 
Step 3: Sand, sand, sand. 
Step 4. Wipe off dust and place cushions back on the chairs. 


Tip: Putting the cushions back on can be a real pain. It's sometimes hard with one person. If you can't hold the cushion down and screw them back into place at the same time then I suggest placing something heavy un the chair to help with this issue. 

After four days of painting and sanding and a few slips and bandaids, I finished what is the first of many projects at our little "Beechnut Bungalow."