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You Are What You Eat. (feat People's RX)

On Saturday morning Eddie K, Loretta, and I made a trip up to People's RX on North Lamar and proceeded to indulge in the best food on earth. No I'm not being dramatic, I'm being realistic. I'm a Peoples RX regular since I just so happen to live right next door to the South Lamar location. (Sidenote: Don't know if I'll survive when we move in the new house this week and away from my go-to lunch spot.)

The nice managers David and Lluvia were BEYOND INCREDIBLE and gave us a taste of their menu by letting us try a ton of items from their daily menus. 
We left People's RX with full bellies and full hearts. 

Up first, salads. 
The first time I went to Peoples I got a salad. Every single time I've been since, I think I've got a salad. My go-to? Zesty Kale & Quinoa. Seriously, it's SO GOOD and that's issue #1. It makes it very difficult to leave without this in my hands. With that being said, I'm super glad I was able to try different salads so I know it's safe to branch out from time to time. And truthfully, I think I have a new favorite. 

Grilled Chicken Salad: Organic, pasture-raised chicken, mixed greens, cucumbers, sun dried tomatoes, pumpkin seeds, and apricots, topped with a maple balsamic dressing. 

Thoughts: NEW FAVE. SO GOOD. GIVE ME THIS EVERY SINGLE DAY. Ha! But really....this will be my new go-to on nights when Eddie K is out of town. It's very filling but still light and fresh. Plus it's the perfect healthy dinner for someone on the go. 

Spinach, Strawberry, & Goat Cheese Salad: Organic spinach, organic strawberries, carrots, walnuts and goat cheese, served with their house-made maple balsamic dressing. 

Thoughts: I loved this salad. As someone who isn't a huge fan of strawberries, this is a big deal. I am a huge goat cheese fan. Always have been. It truly tied the whole salad together in my eyes. Eddie K was not a fan but he is anti goat cheese so I'm not too surprised. 

But for real, who knew food could be this beautiful!?

You are what you eat. Okay, I'm a sandwich. 
 Italian Sub: Ham, salami, pepperoni, provolone, fresh greens, tomatoes, hot cherry peppers, and Italian dressing on a sub roll. 

Thoughts: This was the first thing they brought out for us to try and honestly, this might be my favorite thing we tried all day. I LOVE Italian subs so much that I'ma  bit of a sandwich snob. This one took the cake. 
Sidenote: ate it the next day for lunch and holy moly the peppers were HOTTTT. I really didn't taste them the first day but after sitting in the fridge the flavors changed. Still yummy tho!

Veggie Sandwich: Hummus, cucumbers, sprouts, carrots, pesto, avocado, and pickled onion on whole wheat toast. 

Thoughts: Eddie K L-O-V-E-D this sandwich. It was his favorite thing we tried on Saturday and he actually ended up eating the leftovers the next day. We usually eat dinners that involve some sort of meat or protein so the fact that he loved this makes me SUPER HAPPY. We both loved the freshness and I could see this being something we eat weekly. Plus, who doesn't love hummus. 

Let's "taco" about their breakfast tacos real quick...
If there's one thing we know a lot about, it's tacos. We eat tacos multiple times per week and are always looking for new ideas to mix it up. People's RX might be our new breakfast/brunch stop on Sundays. 

Reveler Taco: Local organic eggs, potatoes, nitrate-free bacon, and cheese, on an organic flour tortilla. 

Thoughts: Let me start by saying I didn't try this one because I truthfully don't care for bacon. It's not something I usually eat and tend to pick it off most foods that have it on there. But, Eddie K's opinion is probably more important anyway. For the record, he loved it and that doesn't come lightly. MANY TIMES I've heard him be less than satisfied by breakfast tacos I "forced him to eat." (Sorry to tell on you, babe. Don't hate me.)

Florentine Taco: Local organic eggs, organic spinach, onions, peppers, avocado, and cheese on an organic flour tortilla.

This is a typical "Morgan taco." It's fresh, full of veggies, and lacking any bacon or sausage. It's a much lighter breakfast option than most places have. (I'm lookin at you Torchy's). "Taco" about a good way to start your day!

Happiness always comes in the form of side dishes. 
Seriously though, don't side dishes just pull your whole meal, and day, and life, together?

Organic Beet Salad: Organic beets, Texas goat cheese, toasted walnuts, sherry vinaigrette, and basil. 

Thoughts: Loved it the first day but hated it as leftovers. If you are going to purchase the beet salad make sure you are going to be able to eat it the same day for best taste. Beets are naturally sweet but earthy so the goat cheese and walnuts are a good balance to the overall taste/texture of the beets. 

Deviled Eggs: housemade using farm fresh, local, organic eggs. 

Thoughts: They told me that the deviled eggs were one of their best selling items on the menu and I honestly didn't get it until I tried them. As someone who didn't really like eggs prior to moving to Austin, I enjoyed these immensely. 

Desserts. Because no great day starts with someone eating a salad (unless it's from Peoples, of course.)
Cause stressed spelled backwards is desserts. It only makes sense to eat the sweet stuff. 

Chocolate Covered Strawberries: Messy but incredible. 
Flourless Chocolate Cake: I'd eat 12 slices without regrets. 

Carrot Cake Cupcake: Yes. Just. Yes. 
Vanilla Chia Pudding: (with strawberries) Eddie was obsessed with this. So yummy and healthy!
Zucchini Bread: LOVE all the spices in this. Favorite dessert we tried!

Okay, let's recap and pick favorites...
Morgan: Kale + quinoa salad, Italian sub, zucchini bread. 

Eddie: Veggie sandwich, (super shocked by this BTW.), "King Kale" smoothie, "watermelon-mint" cold press juice, and ALL THE DESSERTS. 


Visit People's RX at one of their 3 deli locations and tell them Morgan from D+G sent you!

Peoples Deli Central         Peoples Deli South          Peoples Deli Westlake
  4018 North Lamar          3801 South Lamar             4201 Westbank Drive
Austin, TX 78756              Austin, TX 78704               Austin, TX 78746