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Spiced Holiday Sangria

What goes together better than the holidays and a spiced cider sangria? Nothing. Literally nothing. When you think of iconic holiday imagery, what comes to mind? Eggnog? The angel on the top of the family Christmas tree that's been passed down from generation to generation? For me, it's always about the matching pajama sets, twinkling lights, and some boozy/festive punch. 

Today I'm sharing a "Spiced Holiday Sangria" recipe that will last you all holiday season long. Whether you are planning a low-key Christmas day at home or looking for a holly-jolly cocktail to serve a crowd, this recipe is for you. 

If you aren't a big wine drinker but looking for a blend of fruit/spice to dive into this Christmas, I suggest starting here with this recipe. It's not super boozy but will send ya off into holiday land quick enough. PLUS, it's a party favorite and pretty easy on your budget too. Trader Joe's was my stop of choice and the entire list only cost me about $12. 

The best part about this recipe? It's super simple but super festive and pretty. I opted to serve out of a Rae Dunn holiday "french-style" water bottle which allowed me to save any extra (no judgement if it's all gone!) in the fridge for a couple of days and it remain fresh. For garnish, I took a few cranberries and threaded them on the end of some fresh rosemary pieces. I then dipped in water and rolled in a bowl of sugar to give the illusion of a fun and festival snowy topper. 

This holiday beverage is best served cold and in the presence of family and friends. 
So drink up and celebrate the holidays. 

May your Christmas be extra merry, holly,  jolly, and all the good things this year.