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Light Revamp with Lamps Plus

We recently partnered up with Lamps Plus to update some of the lighting in and around our home. We started with the lights on our garage which, to be honest, were outdated and wayyyyy too cookie cutter for our liking. We searched their website and eventually decided on the Rhodes 12" High Bronze Caged Wall Sconce  to go on both sides of our garage door.

They are a caged fixture in a bronze color which is PERFECT for not only our modern-farmhouse style but also against our love green home. We went back and forth between this light and a galvanized pendent but at the end of the day, I'm so glad we chose the ones we did. 

It's not a far cry from the original light fixtures, but it's different enough to stand out. Being in a neighborhood in Austin really just means one thing....cookie cutter. All the houses look the same for the most part and all the light figures are duplicates from home to home. We appear to be one of the only houses that have decided to make adjustments and we like that! 

Changing the fixtures proved to be a bit more difficult than we imagined but thankfully, Eddie K had all the right tools and knew exactly what he was doing (per usual). 

Here's a few shots of Eddie K in action! He ended up having to cut the trim no our house a bit to fit the new fixtures! EEK! Sounds way worse than it was. Just a tiny bit needed to be shaved off. 

After he removed the old fixtures, he worked on wiring up the new ones. DON'T FORGET TO TURN THE POWER OFF TO THESE! 

Eddie K finished both within about an hour (maybe less!) Tip: Have clear caulking on hand for those weird little gaps that need to be filled! Overall, we are very excited with the change. Lamps Plus provided quality products in a timely manner and we would certainly look to them in the future for all revamps!